Comfort Club – Preventative Maintenance

Green Dot Heating & Air provides preventative maintenance service on all heating and cooling, air purification, and dehumidification equipment.

Routine preventative maintenance can help prevent minor problems from turning into big ones. We recommend having your unit serviced twice a year to keep your unit running efficiently and the risk of breakdowns low.

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Preventative Maintenance – 31 Essentials

When you sign up for one of these plans, you will also receive the benefits of high priority scheduling and reminders of upcoming routine maintenance!
  • 2 maintenance visits per year
  • High priority scheduling
  • 15% discount off the cost of the repair
  • 5% discount off new equipment and duct systems
  • Reminders of upcoming routine maintenance
  • During after-hours, weekends and holidays, your diagnostic rate is always $109 instead of the non-member rate of $159
We can help optimize your HVAC system, reduce utility bills, minimize costly breakdowns, and extend the life of your equipment.

HVAC Maintenance Coverage
  • Inspect the system and ductwork
  • Check exposed equipment and pipes for leaks
  • Inspect thermostat condition and operation
  • Check heat strips, defrost controls, reversing valve of the heat pump
  • Start capacity compressor and compressor fans to check recommended and actual MFD ratings
  • Inspect the indoor and outdoor coils
  • Add algae tabs in the drain pan, as needed
  • Inspect the suction line insulation
  • Change and clean customer provided air filters
  • Test equipment control systems
  • Test compressor protection device
  • Inspect condenser and overflow switch
  • Start the capacity blower motor and motor condenser fan and check amps
  • Check current draw of compressor and the refrigerant operating pressure
  • Clean and flush the condensate drain line
  • Tighten and inspect electrical connections
  • Measure return and supply air temperature
  • Determine the sub-cool ratings

For Gas Furnaces Only
  • Test combustion draft motors and gas valves
  • Perform a pressure switch test and determine if safety switches are installed
  • Check connection of vent pipe at furnace
  • Check pilot and burner assembly
  • Test limit switches and safety devices
  • Check CO Detector battery and replace with customer provided battery if necessary
  • Check the burner and the inducer fan
  • Check heat exchanger and condensate trap
We can maintain more than the traditional heating and cooling systems. The specialty systems can be included in your plan as an add-on.

Costs will vary based on the condition, quantity, and type of unit. Coverages that can apply to the membership upon client request include:

Dehumidifier Coverage

$30 for the first unit and $30 for each additional unit

  • Empty the tank and clean to keep organic growth under control
  • Clean off debris on the coils and replace the power cord and plug, if worn
Mini-Split Coverage

$50 for the first unit and $50 for each additional system

  • Inspect condition, operation, mounting stability
  • Inspect the refrigerant lines and insulation wraps
  • Clean evaporator coils, condenser, and pipes, and/or replace filters
Filter Changes

$140 additional cost to membership

  • Additional 2 trips for customer provided filter changes.
  • 4 visits total when including the two maintenance visits.
Electronic Air Cleaning

Cost is based on condition, quantity, and type of unit

  • Clean customer provided multi-layered filters
  • Replace filters when appropriate.
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