Greendot Heating and Air Conditioning serves Brunswick, New Hanover, Onslow, Pender, and Columbus Counties in North Carolina.
We are the area’s premier HVAC system designer and service provider.


Just like every person, every home is unique. At Greendot Heating and Air Conditioning, we know it’s important to care for the house, but the same goes for the people who call it home. Our job is done when our customers are living in a comfortable, healthy environment. From new homes to historic ones, we have energy efficient and cost effective HVAC solutions for every place. When it comes to keeping your unit running top-notch and long lasting, our certified experts provide unmatched service and maintenance.  Let us show you how to live comfortably and breathe easy with an HVAC system from Greendot Heating and Air Conditioning.


Greendot Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in assisting builders design and install HVAC systems in new construction projects. We have years of experience in project management in both the residential and commercial sectors. We offer flexible scheduling and planning to fit the timeline and budget of any job. We also work quickly and efficiently to help the project progress at an appropriate rate. Greendot is the go-to partner for high-end and luxury construction projects in the Wilmington area. Our service and quality are second to none and our advanced systems and technology mean your project is getting state of the art care.


Before architects finalize plans for a new construction or renovation, they consult with Greendot Heating and Air Conditioning for an expert opinion. We work closely with architects on residential and commercial projects during the conception phase to design an HVAC system that efficiently works in the space. We can also review existing project plans and make recommendations for HVAC design and installation. Don’t start building without consulting a professional at Greendot.


Did you know if your heating or cooling system is over 10 years old, you’re losing money? If your system isn’t regularly maintained, it might not even last that long. We repair variable refrigerant systems and solar heat pumps, too. Ask us about maintenance agreements to ensure the longevity of your HVAC system. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance and tuning for residential and commercial locations. From minor repairs to seasonal service, an agreement with Greendot means you’re committed to saving money and extending the life of your unit. Don’t wait any longer to get a maintenance agreement in place.

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