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Revolutionizing HVAC in Wilmington, NC

From soccer fields to business partners

The power of meaningful relationships is paramount to Green Dot Heating and Air.  Partners Chris, Greg, and Bennie are the perfect example of how positive relationships can help business thrive, and encourage trust and confidence within customer relationships. 


Green Dot’s ownership team goes back ten years, where their children played soccer together in Wilmington. Throughout the years, Chris, Greg, and Bennie have strengthened their relationship and set a foundation to eventually become business partners, despite working in different industries. From the start, the three partners had a shared passion for the home services industry – more specifically, HVAC.

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Dependable HVAC in Wilmington, NC

At Green Dot, we believe in three critical principles: the power of consulting, diligence, and transparency. We believe when you combine those three principles, you create a space where customers not only feel comfortable, they also begin to trust. Without customer trust, relationships fail to thrive. We believe in strengthening customer relationships through transparent communication, delivering diligent recommendations, and offering consultative services. We believe there’s no one-shoe fits all – we cater our services to each unique customer to ensure they are receiving the final product that’s best for them. Our ownership team brings together extensive experience in consulting, management, and HVAC to increase the quality of service we provide.

Meet Our Ownership Team

Chris Jones comes to Green Dot with extensive experience in operations and management through his work at IronGate Partners, now Hightower Advisors. Through his experience in the financial management industry, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to the operational standing of Green Dot. Similarly, Bennie Sheally brings management and consulting experience to Green Dot after 15 years at Sheally Insurance Group, serving as CEO and president. Bennie’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to turn Sheally Insurance into one of the largest insurance agencies in North Carolina and South Carolina sets a foundation of success and longevity. Coast Guard veteran Greg Nelson comes to Green Dot with engineering and HVAC experience. While in the Coast Guard, Greg achieved several accomplishments, including being selected as the #1 coast guard in a pool of 300 candidates and being selected as one of the enlisted members of the year. 


When you combine Chris and Bennie’s management with Greg’s engineering and HVAC expertise, you find the perfect recipe for a tech-driven HVAC company that serves its customers first. Green Dot consistently delivers effective HVAC solutions that cater to each unique customer.

Our Philosophy

Be Consultative

Are you familiar with HVAC systems, a complete novice, or do you land somewhere in the middle? Whichever you may be, our team takes the time to discuss your existing HVAC systems and the variety of choices you have. We’ll explain the ins and outs of each option, and ensure you feel 100 percent confident about your decision.

Be Transparent

We recognize the difference between a lifetime residence, a starter home, and a rental property. At Green Dot, we are constantly looking out for our client’s best interest through honest, transparent communication. We provide recommendations based on a number of factors, and ensure you are making the decision that’s best for you.

Be Diligent

Above all, we enjoy what we do. Our team is dedicated to learning the best practices in HVAC, paired with cutting edge industry technology to ensure our clients are receiving the best final product. We are a team of heating and air conditioning enthusiasts that take pride in delivering impeccable customer service.

Our Leaders

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Managing Partner

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Operational Partner

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