Systems Design

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Achieve superior comfort with a professionally designed Variable Refrigerant Unit.  These systems use small air handlers throughout the home to consistently control the amount of heating or cooling in one space, rather than turning on and ramping up the entire HVAC system. This is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to keep your home temperature-controlled and comfortable.

Flexible Designs for Beautiful Homes

Variable Refrigerant Units are ductless systems that give architects and home builders the ability to design beautiful homes and commercial spaces with no HVAC system hindrance. Greendot designs the system together with an engineer before the build process.


Unlike conventional HVAC systems that require long ductwork and are hidden in a closet, attic, or crawlspace, Variable Refrigerant Units allow air handlers to be installed almost anywhere – from ceiling to bookcase – with a larger unit outside.

Imagine building a new home on a slab with a grand living room that features 10-foot ceilings and a wall of windows facing the ocean. Greendot can design a system that heat and cools this home efficiently by splitting up indoor units and small ductwork systems between the front and back of the house. This design flexibility is a major advantage to installing a Variable Refrigerant Unit.

Cost Effective and Energy Efficient for More Savings

Installing a Variable Refrigerant Unit in your home or business could mean saving money on the HVAC installation process. Depending on the design and application, Variable Refrigerant Units forgo the typical ductwork, pipework, pumps, and boilers needed for other HVAC units. The small footprint and ductless systems of Variable Refrigerant Units mean a more cost-effective installation.

Variable Refrigerant Units ramp up slowly and match the compressor speed and the refrigerant output for more precise temperature control. Plus, you get the option of heating or cooling sections of the home at a time, which is an energy efficient solution that achieves the same comfort you love.

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