Residential HVAC Services

We Make Wilmington Homes Comfortable

Your home is your haven and we understand how important it is for your house to be comfortable and temperature controlled. At Greendot, we approach heating and cooling more sophisticatedly than other HVAC companies in the Wilmington area. Our service experts go above and beyond to help anyone and everyone live more contentedly in a happy, healthy environment.

We are here to show you HVAC options that rethink how you live in your home. Together, we’ll explore a variety of comfort solutions that help you breathe easier, effortlessly control the temperature in any room, and heat and cool your entire home more efficiently. Greendot is the local expert with global experience and we pass on our years of knowledge to help you choose, install, maintain, or fix your heating and air.

John is geothermal certified so we can work with nature to heat or cool your home. With a geothermal heat pump, hot and cool air are transferred to and from the ground to be used as a heat source in winter or a heat sink in summer.


We start with an inspection and assessment of your property so we can make precise recommendations on how to design or modernize your HVAC systems. Each home has specific needs, from temperature control to air quality. Our trained technicians work with builders and craftsmen to diagnose a problem, design a solution, or install high-quality units in your home.

Services For Your Every Need

Turn to Greendot for all of your HVAC system needs. We’re the best partners for builders, architects, and homeowners because we put quality and service first.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, including:

  1. HVAC maintenance, repair, and change out
  2. HVAC system design
  3. Multi-evaporator and single condenser system design
  4. HVAC installation
  5. Geothermal installation
  6. Indoor air quality control
  7. Load calculations
  8. Sealed duct systems
  9. Preventative maintenance service contracts
  10. Gas furnace service
  11. After hours assistance

Best-in-class Manufacturers for Luxury Living

At Greendot, we’re experts in the luxurious lifestyle that comes with coastal living. We’re certified installers and contractors for the top of the line brands with strong reputations for quality, including: Mitsubishi, Lennox, BOSCH and Tempstar.

Are you ready to discuss modern and advanced HVAC systems for your home?

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