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Residential HVAC Services

Your home is your haven, and we understand how important it is for your home to be comfortable and temperature controlled. Our approach to residential HVAC is simple – we use technologies that identify the perfect solution for you. No two homes are alike, nor should their HVAC be. We take all things into consideration, including width and height of doorways, the amount of windows, and the square footage of your space. This helps us deliver a final product that is specifically curated to fit the needs of your home.

We are here to show you HVAC options that rethink how you live in your home. Together, we’ll explore a variety of comfort solutions that help you breathe easier, effortlessly control the temperature in any room, and heat and cool your entire home more efficiently. Green Dot is the local expert with global experience, and we pass on our years of knowledge to help you choose, install, maintain, and fix your heating and air.

John is geothermal certified, so we can work with nature to heat and cool your home. With a geothermal heat pump, hot and cool air are transferred to and from the ground to be used as a heat source in winter or a heat sink in summer.

We start with an inspection and assessment of your property, so we can make precise recommendations on how to design or modernize your HVAC system. Each home has specific needs, from temperature control to air quality. Our trained technicians work with builders, architects, and homeowners to diagnose a problem, design a solution, or install high-quality units in your home.

At Green Dot, we’re experts in the luxurious lifestyle that comes with coastal living. We’re certified installers and contractors for top brands with strong reputations for quality, including: Mitsubishi, Lennox, BOSCH, Tempstar, and American Standard

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Commercial HVAC Services

Green Dot engineers and technicians are skilled designers and installers of commercial HVAC systems. We design and build systems to fit your business needs, and we guarantee an efficient installation process to minimize downtime and cost. When it comes to new construction, we work alongside architects and builders to keep projects moving smoothly. Our team always works effectively to stay on schedule and offers a flexible timetable throughout the construction process.

If your business is part of historic downtown Wilmington, Green Dot understands the unique repair and maintenance needs of your commercial space. Our professional technicians can diagnose and repair inefficiencies that result in increased energy consumption and costs. We work discreetly in all occupied commercial spaces to decrease business disruptions and return comfort to your work environment. Green Dot can even arrive after hours to minimize distractions to employees, customers, and tenants.

We specialize in high-end, modern technology that makes running your business easier. Ask about our automation services, ideal for digital remote management with web-based access. This is the best way to control costs while ensuring a comfortable climate. We also design and service LEED certified solutions for energy efficient and sustainable businesses.

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That’s not all. Our wide range of HVAC services include:

HVAC system design

HVAC installation

HVAC service and repair

Indoor air quality control

DOC controls

Load calculations

Piping and boiler

Water sourced heat pumps

Preventative maintenance contracts

Energy Efficient Solutions

System Design

Achieve superior comfort with a professionally designed Variable Refrigerant Unit.  These systems use small air handlers throughout the home to control the amount of heating or cooling in a single space, rather than ramping up the entire HVAC system. This is the most energy efficient and cost effective way to keep your home temperature-controlled and comfortable.

Variable Refrigerant Units are ductless systems that give architects and home builders the ability to design beautiful homes and commercial spaces with no HVAC system hindrance. Green Dot designs the system together with an engineer before the build process.

Unlike conventional HVAC systems that require long ductwork and are hidden in a closet, attic, or crawlspace, Variable Refrigerant Units allow air handlers to be installed almost anywhere – from ceiling to bookcase – with a larger unit outside.

Installing a Variable Refrigerant Unit in your home or business could mean saving money on the HVAC installation process. Depending on the design and application, Variable Refrigerant Units forgo the typical ductwork, pipework, pumps, and boilers needed for other HVAC units. The small footprint and ductless systems of Variable Refrigerant Units mean a more cost-effective installation.

Variable Refrigerant Units ramp up slowly and match the compressor speed and the refrigerant output for more precise temperature control. Plus, you get the option of heating or cooling sections of the home at a time, which is an energy efficient solution that achieves the same comfort you love.

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