HVAC Inspection Diagnostic Services

Keep Your HVAC Unit Healthy

We can provide an HVAC Inspection diagnostic visit during your due diligence period. So often, your buyers or sellers discover troubling or uncertain HVAC information from the home inspection process.

We come to the home and give our professional assessment, so you and your buyers know the unit’s health.

Inspection Charge

We charge $125 for the first unit and $50 for each additional unit to provide this assessment. If some repairs or replacements need attention, we provide you with the data to negotiate!

Please note, this service is ONLY to diagnose.
We do not repair for this fee but are glad to do so under a separate agreement.

Comfort Club Benefits

Suppose your clients choose to contract with us after closing to become a Comfort Club Preventative Maintenance client of ours. The inspection cost can be applied toward the new homeowner’s first year Comfort Club membership as a gift.

Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home.

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