How to Estimate New A/C Unit Installation Costs

Here in the Carolinas, we are now in one of those rare periods when it’s possible to open the windows, let the fresh air inside and remain comfortable. For many of us, the pleasant spring temperatures can make it easy to forget about the need to replace, maintain or update the central air conditioning system inside our homes.

Regardless of how long we want to stay in denial about it, however, the merciless heat of summer is on the way. Being prepared for it is the best way to stay comfortable and avoid the fees associated with emergency service calls.

If your A/C system isn’t cooling the way that it used to or your monthly energy bills have increased significantly, it may be a good idea to replace the system. Another determining factor that could help in deciding whether or not to purchase a new system is simply the age of the existing system, as older systems have much lower efficiency ratings. In many cases, spending the money on a new system can result in substantial cost savings down the road. The effect is amplified if you have a large house or one that receives a lot of sunlight on one side of it, as these setups are perfect for multi-zone A/C systems.

An additional factor that could impact the price of a new system installation would be the presence and/or condition of the ductwork. If you are in an older home with ductwork already in place, it’s likely that ductwork could be in poor condition. The costs associated with energy loss from holy ductwork (not sacred) can be staggering, amounting to around 30 percent of the total cost of energy input.

Also, holy ductwork can bring dust from the crawlspace inside your home, every time the system kicks on. For these and several other reasons, it may make sense to replace the ductwork inside your home along with installing a new system. Of course, the cost of installing new ductwork can be significant. However, many homeowners don’t realize that recent innovations with ductwork have not only dramatically increased their efficiency but also have made it much less invasive, easier, and less expensive to install.

There are many other factors that can affect the price to install a new A/C system, such as the necessary size of the new system and the quality of the insulation inside your home. As with many other things in life, bigger does not always mean better. To ensure the size of the new system is perfectly matched to the specific requirements and parameters of your home, it’s vital to have a technician perform a load calculation. This can help you get the right system and achieve the highest level of comfort possible.

In summary, the number of variables can make it difficult to throw out an accurate number for the price of a new system; however, the price usually ranges between $6,000 and $10,000. The condition and/or presence of ductwork can increase this number, but in some cases, such as with new builds or older homes, a ductless mini-split can avoid this issue altogether. To have a licensed technician analyze your home’s unique characteristics and create a customized strategy for keeping you cool this summer, please call one of our offices or email info@greendothvac.com.

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