FROGs don’t have to be Uncomfortable

Keeping a bonus room comfortable can feel like an impossible task. And for some of us, the fact that a bonus room is, by definition, just a bonus, can make any argument about the need to work on it fall flat.

For those of us who depend on the Finished Room Over the Garage (FROG) as a vital portion of the interior living space, whether it’s in use as a child’s playroom, guest room, home office or fitness center, however, maintaining a comfortable bonus room is a necessity. This could be a reason why ‘cooling a bonus room’ is a popular search phrase.

Of course, cooling a bonus room is not enough here in the Southeast, where heating a bonus room is a concern at least three to four months out of the year. With all of this in mind, here are some easy, practical ways to keep your bonus room comfortable:

  • Replace/add insulation – Chances are strong, especially if it was a DIY addition by the previous owner, that the bonus room in your house does not have insulation. Even if it was a part of the initial construction, there is a high degree of likelihood the FROG does not have as much insulation as the rest of the house. Having a licensed contractor perform an inspection could be an effective way to solve this problem.
  • Add new ductwork – The ductwork that brings conditioned air into the bonus room might be a long way away from your HVAC unit. Or, there might not be any ductwork at all. If there is ductwork, it may not be adequate, so calling an HVAC professional to do a Manual D calculation to assess the amount of ductwork required would be a good idea.
  • Consider a ductless mini-split – When it comes to retrofitting interior spaces that do not have pre-existing ductwork, these systems can be an extremely cost-effective solution. Since there is no need to tear up walls or floors, a ductless mini-split HVAC system is usually fairly simple for a contractor to install.
  • Find/seal air leaks and cracks – Having new ductwork or a new ductless mini-split installed is not going to help very much if all of that conditioned air is slipping away through the cracks. Taking the time to identify and seal any potential air leaks, cracks or crevices can be an effective way to avoid a hefty power bill.

There are several other possible solutions for how to keep a bonus room cool or how to keep a bonus room warm and comfortable. Using a window unit air conditioner/heater or a portable freestanding unit could be a quick and relatively inexpensive means of ensuring your FROG stays comfortable, especially if it is not being used very much.

Adding ductwork or a mini-split is going to be the best way to optimize this room if it is an area of your home that you anticipate using regularly. There are many options; however, one that I found somewhat interesting and unexpected was the strategic use of landscaping.

To have a technician visit your home and help you assess the comfort level of your bonus room as well as how to improve it, please call one of our offices or email info@greendothvac.com.

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