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Effective & Easy Ways to Cool a Sunroom

Here in the Southeast, a sunroom can be an inviting, comfortable place to relax, especially in the wintertime or early spring. But unless that sunroom has a substantial amount of shade or faces north, which would of course seem contradictory to the reasons for having one in the first place, it’s likely that the sunroom will be unbearably hot in the summer.

Closing off that section of the house completely during the warmer months is obviously an option. For those who would prefer to continue using that section of the home, however, there are a number of practical, easy methods for inhibiting the production of heat inside a sunroom:

  • Window treatments – Installing window treatments is a quick fix and there are a wide array of options for homeowners to choose from. Blinds are one of the most popular, but shades are always a good choice. Having blinds in between dual panes of glass is an efficient, convenient option, as they don’t have to be cleaned, but the necessity of having them installed prior to construction and the higher initial cost makes them less prevalent. Insulated curtains that block most of the sunlight can also dramatically reduce cooling costs.
  • Window tinting – Using window tinting can help to prevent solar heat from entering the room. U/V window film comes in a variety of shades and, although this film will block some of the sunlight, it also blocks most of the heat. Some of the window films that are available are of the peel-and-stick, permanent variety, however, some are removable, which allows for more customization and convenience.
  • Ductless mini-split HVAC systems – Installing a ductless mini-split HVAC system is a great way to ensure the sunroom inside your home remains comfortable, regardless of the season. These systems only consist of a small heating/cooling unit mounted high on the wall that is connected to a compressor/condenser unit outside. This makes ductless mini-splits fairly easy to install, a fact that can help to keep costs at a minimum. Also, since these units allow the homeowner to capitalize on the benefits of zoning, only heating or cooling the sunroom when it is in use, the ongoing costs associated with maintaining a comfortable indoor environment are relatively low.

There are many other strategies that could be used to regulate the temperature inside your sunroom. A number of strategically placed oscillating or box fans, used in combination with a ceiling fan, will help to circulate the air and keep the temperature cool.

Insulation will also help; however, it is important to note that, since most sunrooms have a large number of windows, it’s probable your sunroom does not have much insulation inside the walls. Also, because a lot of sunrooms are just enclosed patios, there may not be insulation. Adding insulation in between the floor joists could be a way to reduce heating and cooling costs. A vapor barrier could also be an effective means of sealing up the interior environment and ensuring that it is comfortable.

Another way to keep a sunroom cool would be to run ductwork to it, branched off from the existing system. The thing is, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for keeping a sunroom cool and comfortable. The best way to approach the problem is to have a consultation with a licensed and trained HVAC technician, to have a solution customized to your home’s unique specifications.

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